Employer Sponsorship
Options for the
preMBA Virtual
Networking Event

An exclusive recruiting experience
to connect and network with
incoming MBAs at top business schools

July 26-27, 2022


Incoming MBA Candidates
from top US-based schools



Networking text/audio/video
chats with candidates



Post-event reported employer satisfaction
from 2021 preMBA Networking Event


About the Event

This virtual recruiting event allows your recruiting team to connect with top incoming MBAs before they start school. Get your employer brand in front of the right audience earlier than the competition, chat 1-on-1 with hand-picked candidates, and gather resumes to kickstart your campus recruiting efforts.


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What's Included for Employers


Early Access

Reach candidates from premier business schools before they arrive on campus

Customized Employer Booths

Create virtual employer booths to help candidates learn about your firm and recruiting processes

Pre-Conference Training & Prep

Our team will ensure that your recruiters have the tools they need and ability to navigate through the platform prior to the day of the event


Access to Candidate Résumés

Participating employers will receive access candidate résumés before and after the event

One-on-One Candidate Chats

Interact directly with candidates from top schools in these exclusive networking opportunities

Employer Panel Session & Presentations

Promote your employer brand and internship opportunities to hundreds of incoming MBAs

Pricing Options

One-on-One Candidate Chats
1 Booth Representatives
Training & Prep Material for Event
Basic Post Conference Analytics
Full Event Candidate List
Day 1 Employer Booth
One-on-One Candidate Chats
Unlimited Booth Representatives
Training & Prep Material for Event
Detailed Post Conference Analytics
Full Event Candidate List PLUS Demographics & Resumes
Day 1 Employer Booth
Day 1 Employer Panel Participation
Pre-Event Candidate Resume Access
Pre-Event Email Promotion
Ability to Schedule Chats with Select Candidates
Featured Logo Placement on Event Landing Page

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Past Testimonials

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Senior Associate Director, Career Coaching MSU - Broad

"RelishCareer's Virtual Career Fairs have been very successful. The events have offered a way for students to get in front of many employers, connect with them virtually, and apply for their positions. Relish's employer reach and virtual capabilities make them a great partner to deploy virtual recruiting strategies."

Associate Director, Business Development, Career Center Minnesota - Carlson

"We enjoyed participating in the RelishCareers Virtual Career Fair. The Relish team is organized, tech savvy, and helpful with employer outreach. Our students were excited to engage with a wide pool of employers. With Relish's hands-on support, the employers were well prepared for the event."                 

Talent Acquisition Lead Wells Fargo

"The RelishCareers virtual career fair we participated in was very successful. The event was well organized and provided Wells Fargo Talent Acquisition an opportunity to connect with top talent interested in career opportunities within financial services. Our recruiters that participated enjoyed the ability to participate and experience overall. Thank you again RelishCareers Team for the invite!"

Campus Recruiting Team Verizon

"Relish has allowed Verizon to promote MBA roles in a timely and professional manner, and the webinars help make us more approachable. Through these webinars and messaging features, Relish provided us exposure to students that we would have not had access to otherwise."